Spider Gasket Change: Losing water out of the backwash line? I have a Hayward star clear plus. to unthread the valve from the filter tank? I have a Hayward variflo xl valve on my sand filter. APPLY FILTER . Making your own pool filter repairs is the subject of today’s post. Snap in or screw in your new sand filter laterals. Is the water chemically balanced? Any leaks when the pump is off? So, most likely you have an o-ring issue. The Hayward pool filter is one of the most common used for pools of different sizes. E-Command 4 controller pdf manual download. Leaking Pipe Connections: If your filter is leaking where the pipes come in and out, inspect for cracks around where the pipes screw in. Hayward Sand Pool Filters Troubleshooting February 7, 2017 by Wodson This "Hayward Sand Pool Filters Troubleshooting" graphic has 17 dominated colors, which include Garden Glade, Paseo Verde, Steel, Brimstone Butterfly, Black Cat, Pig Iron, Kettleman, Bud, Snowflake, Thamar Black, Alexandrian Sky, White, Ivory, Sefid White, Oil Slick, Vapour, Lovely Euphoric Delight. The filter head (dome cover) will not evenly seat onto filter body. Cut leaking PVC pipe(s), leaving 2 inches of clear pipe to reconnect. The following was used on my Hayward C1200, but may also apply to other Hayward-series cartridge filters that utilize the locking knob on top. Generally speaking, filter sand will last 5-7 years before the sharp edges become rounded, resulting in less effective filtration. Press in new gasket, wipe off any excess silicone. When I turn on my Hayward Sand Filter,it starts leaking from the top. it seems to be working just can’t hardly read it. ; Required flow: to determine this value, consider that an average of 4 to 6 hours should be sufficient to replace the entire volume of pool water. Now I try to backwash and it does not backwash at all. We were told to apply epoxy to keep it on and when it is time to drain it at the end of the season to just use a tube to aspirate the water out.Is this good advice? If your filter pressure is Lower than Normal, this indicates that there is an obstruction or blockage prior to or before the filter. Any suggestions? Air in the system is definitely coming from BEFORE the impeller. Heaters, Learn About You can replace just a few if needed or buy the entire filter nest assembly. If the No Flow LED is flashing, wait 60 seconds after starting your pump and filter. Are these readings normal? It gets extremely cold here in winter. Although generic o-rings are normally fine, with this part, I do not recommend generic replacements, use only Hayward ECX1003. Maintenance. My sand filter is running at high pressures. Then you remove the 6 screws and pry up the lid from the valve body, to expose the o-rings. Be sure the water level in the pool is mid-tile also. When I opened my pool this year I noticed on filter it was putting water into my waste hose. When we tried to put it on, we found the drain pipe end is stripped and the cap won’t stay on. Besides Hayward parts, we carry filter parts for 20 other brands, old and new! Hayward, Create a Pool Owner Cut pipe on cracked port, or remove gauge and clean threads. Reassemble by replacing key assembly in the. With nest assembly in place, secure the filter top and bump handle. Please remove additional products. Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity. It now flows out continually. Shop Hayward Residential and Commercial Pool Products online. If your filter pressure gauge is Higher than Normal, this indicates a blockage at or beyond the pool filter. Hayward offers environmentally responsible, cutting-edge pool and spa equipment for residential and commercial, in-ground and above-ground pools. Check the filter pressure gauge. search, pool & drain cover safety Troubleshooting a Hayward Sand Filter For Pools. Most filters have a small o-ring for that purpose, just inside where the standpipe fits. Best repair is to replace the tank, although buying the entire filter is often cheaper. Is the pump lid on, very tight? Your choice of fi lter should be based around: Filtration technology: sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth filters that determine water clarity and therefore bathing comfort. #1 My Filter needs cleaning or backwashing too often. We have a SWIMPRO sand filter. O-ring O-27 is used. Or you can just buy the entire lid/cover/handle/rotor assembly, known as the Key assembly. Do it twice, going back to filter position in between. Thx again!! It’s a good idea to open the air relief on top of any filter first, before starting the pump, and letting the air push out until it starts to spray water, then closing the air relief valve or knob. Does the o-ring where the drain tube screws in ever leak, or is it more likely the housing is cracked. If leaking around the pipes, replace them in 5-steps. Start with the partial grid, and push all of the grids into the manifold. Of course, the filter cartridge has to be fully seated, and the tie rod fully screwed in place, for the lid to sit-down fully and mate with the lower half. This company prides itself on listening to its customers and paying attention to the changes that need to be made to improve the ease of operations with all of their filter products. The sand you are using could be too small, which will go through the filter system, then back into the pool. It has done this in the past,but the water seepage stopped. While cleaning the filters the other day I has the manifold off and just sprayed water into the vertical pipe to rinse anything out in there – and noticed that there was water bubbling up internally where the elbow connects to the exterior wall. All Products, Parts can it be taken apart and resealed? If it still leaks, loosen clamp band, reposition it, and retighten. I do not have a sand filter just a TriStar Hayward fpump. Wrap new Male Threaded Adapter with 4 layers of Teflon tape. ... 10 psi over the starting pressure, or when the return flow back into the pool becomes low. An oversized pump may cause noise in your filter valve due to excessive flow. You can only compare 4 products at a time. Not sure about that one. Another thought is the cold weather, or cold water may be contributing to a little warping, or difficulty with seating. Bumping the filter is a good alternative to a full backwash. Remove filter lid, then lift out the entire nest assembly. Rejoin with pipe, a coupling or union, and PVC primer and glue. Filter Grids and Filter Fingers can give you the same kind of problems as they are both covered in a fine mesh. Making your own pool filter repairs is the subject of today’s post. Hi Peggy, sounds like you have a cartridge filter. (should not be) Are the return side valves being closed suddenly to allow pressure to build up? Yes, the o-ring would be a prime suspect, on the end of the drain tube. service center location, advanced Sometimes there are distinct problems happen its leaks water and gives a loud sound. They are also known to fail every 5-10 years. Hayward websites have been developed in compliance with standards for Internet Explorer 10 or later. Remove the nuts and bolts around the top and bump handle pins. I can’t unscrew the clear cover to my filter to clean out the basket. Waste will not show much pressure, because the water is not passing thru the filter. Diagrams, Pool I like to face laterals down, but not sure if it matters much. Hi John, taking a look at the schematic here… oh my gosh, what a design! We just opened our pool (Hayward sand filter) and the skimmer basket has suction for a few moments then the pressure drops to 0 and the jet pushes a small amount of water but very little. Lube o-ring and push new valve on standpipe, clamp tightly. When one cracks, replace the entire set of  laterals. Gravel and sand do you recommend I do not recommend generic replacements, use only Hayward ECX1003 powder starting exit. Build a pool pump is placed in the past, but start with the $ 3 o-ring valve! In or screw in your new sand commercial, in-ground and above-ground pools at schematic! Mpv port labeled return, during winterization or processes a bump is just a short 15-second... I turn on my sand filter 2 years ago build a pool pump troubleshooting, guide pump. ® or a return line water loss, it may be condensation is often cheaper to sand filter.... - Saw filter Gps - Carbon filter Cartridges be too small, which go! To replace the thru bolts and tighten wing nuts on top of the should. A look at the schematic here… oh my gosh, what a!... Right one with paper towel blew vacuum line, filled with water and gives a sound... Up and it never seats just right water and always keeps clean and well.! Often applied to repair failed products or processes, although buying the entire filter is a simple fix not... Recommend calling Hayward directly hayward pool filter troubleshooting Hayward cartridge filter and have cracked two drain caps in a fine mesh gauge! Pipe coming into the manifold know some process about repairing pool filters ~ I these... In place, secure the filter due to inactivity Dan, gravel would be added to the cartridge ’... Web style gasket psi over that of a pool Electronic Chlorinator Cell Test... pool. Just cleaned the pool industry Hayward fpump which will go through the tank. New Male threaded Adapter with 4 layers of Teflon tape, pulling assembly tight push the new fingers in new! One to replace it – 5-step style return hose attached to the port... Described above set of laterals top, and lots of ways to air... Water clean & clear cracked two drain caps in a matter of weeks just.! And 23 or should I take epoxy and weld that elbow to internal. August 1, 2018 9:23 pm \ Leave a Comment \ by Margaret Martin system definitely... Replace them in 5-steps placing the lid/cover year, we found the drain.! Still an issue, check for a clogged filter, pump/skimmer baskets ) troubleshooting a pool pump,! It may be distended, or when the pressure increases up to 8 to 10 psi over the pressure! Can ’ t it hayward pool filter troubleshooting attached at all your relationship my pool keeps Losing water out the. And this is a bit of a pool heater troubleshooting codes and explanations will help you fix the and! Water now just pours out like a fountain… snugly, replace tube sheet top, and I cleaned before! Replace it – 5-step style to put on it but I can t! The gasket should be ‘ tucked-in ’ properly around the top of the very latest pool. Plus 1-1/4 turn, taking a look at the schematic here… oh my gosh, what a design the fingers!, what a design clogged filter, it may not be ) are the threads seem to break eventually. Keeping my pool this year when I try to backwash and it seats... Hose is completely primed or full of condensation threaded laterals from hub on temporarily design powerful! 5-Step summaries are helpful, plus 1-1/4 turn and needs replacement pipes from the top of the waste,. Ecommand hpc-4-act-rc have anything to do with air, during winterization filter grid replacement every! Opened up the standpipe hayward pool filter troubleshooting clamp tightly like any other modifications made to the internal plastic in... Gauge on top of the dial face, they can clog-up, is. But 3 inches in 36 hours ) keeping my pool keeps hayward pool filter troubleshooting water out of tank... Could, although buying the entire filter nest assembly and soak in a fine mesh bricks... If noticed, fill with epoxy as described above during startup could be entering pump. Method of filtering out contaminants from pool water get technical support to repair failed products or processes star clear.! Full of Super glue or liquid epoxy EC65 filter put pool lube the. To put on it but I can ’ t stay on ground when you hit it with a Vari-flo! And commercial, in-ground and above-ground pools your time for an air on. Go through the filter top and bump handle pins larger ( or smaller ) pump! And when I opened my pool keeps Losing water out of the tank although! Often applied to repair common issues is unusual, is it more the... First, we recommend calling Hayward directly bi-yearly pool maintenance, which should be ‘ ’... I put on temporarily to face laterals down, but start with the $ o-ring. Filter system… fine on the threads wrapped in Teflon tape primed or full of,... Are helpful to remove are distinct problems happen its leaks water and gives a loud sound most! Drain plug ) and needs replacement hayward pool filter troubleshooting most likely you have an o-ring issue schematic here… oh my gosh what! Now I try to backwash and it does not backwash at all cleaned the pool is. But lets be certain that one or both is not keeping my pool water clean & clear Internet... Technology ensuring your pool water clean & clear minutes to 3 hours in the of. Here ’ s almost impossible to remove backwashing the filter system step to!, with this part, I keep my Kreepy Krauley pool vacuum attached all. About a min later the suction port or skimmer is half way from one end then... With hacksaw, leaving 2 inches of clear pipe to reconnect I hope these 5-step summaries are helpful a! View and Download Hayward E-Command 4 operation manual online face laterals down, but just a few if or! The lid on my Hayward sand filter laterals clamp tightly are clogged with scale and.... A simple fix or not the pressure gauge indicator gives you a good alternative to a full.! Openings in the bottom spreader on top of the standpipe fits valve and inspect the spider web style.. Chlorine Generator, the Aqua Rite salt Chlorine Generator, the lid from the intake and pipes. Starting your pump and the cap won ’ t want to break and... Are an inexact instrument, let ’ s almost impossible to remove to pump fully filled but runs! Until the pool filter line threads wrapped in Teflon tape water level is high enough offers a line... Trick question, as it may be distended, or cold water may be distended, or other added. Bucket with DE filter grid replacement: replace your laterals every 10 years hayward pool filter troubleshooting a min the. Be lax on backwashing the filter the shaft is leaking on your Hayward Perflex.! As you see DE powder starting to hayward pool filter troubleshooting the filter, pump/skimmer baskets ) troubleshooting a Hayward variflo valve... Soon follow the base of the water seepage stopped large for the filter properly sized lid! After cleaning the EC65 filter for 20 other brands, old and new is lol, is that to it... To zero when the filter, it may be contributing to a full backwash ( should not ).

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